About WIN4US

Women's Interfaith Network for Universal Students or WIN4US is an exciting new initiative aiming to address some of the issues of discrimination and intolerance faced by many students today. We would like to see women students becoming Ambassadors and organizing WIN4US events at their universities and colleges. Events are open to people of all genders and backgrounds and work to promote meaningful diverse relationships on campus.

WIN4US is a project from Women's Interfaith Network or WIN. WIN was founded in 2003 by Lady Gilda Levy and Pinky Lilani CBE, DL as a result of the 9/11 bombings. It drove them to create WIN to emphasise the vital role that women have to encourage understanding and create safe spaces for dialogue.

To find out more about WIN please visit: wominet.org.uk

WIN is a registered charity 1103676 in England and Wales.